Portfolio companies

Strong year of growth

The private equity and venture capital industry plays an essential role as a builder of company growth. According to Finnish Venture Capital Association, the portfolio companies of venture capitalists had a 5.3 percent growth in job numbers and a 6.0 percent increase in net sales in 2014.

Finnish Industry Investment’s portfolio companies (direct investments and funds’ portfolio companies) clearly outperformed the Finnish economy in 2014.

Last year, the portfolio companies employed a total of 43,000 people in Finland. Personnel strength increased by 3,000 employees compared to 2013: an increase of no less than 8%. At the same time, the total number of employed persons in Finland shrank by 0.4 percent. Last year, there was zero growth in the gross domestic product and in the value of exports.

Job growth in Finland

Job development in portfolio companies


 The aggregated net sales of FII’s portfolio companies increased by EUR 392 million, i.e. 11 percent, compared to 2013. Finland’s GDP decreased by 0.1 percent last year.

Strong growth

Net sales of portfolio companies in Finland


Portfolio companies’ net sales in Finland increased


The exports of portfolio companies grew by as much as 22 percent last year. Most of the increase stemmed from the strong growth in exports by the car manufacturer Valmet Automotive. The exports of the other portfolio companies also developed clearly more favorably (+3%) than Finland’s total exports (0%).

Clear increase in exports

Exports of portfolio companies


Finland’s private equity and venture capital market in 2014: New capital raised for funds. (EUR, million)

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